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Skin Contact

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Nov 2020, Issue 3


Together, Apart

Twenty-Twenty has certainly inspired new ways of gathering, and creative ways to celebrate - often with far fewer people, and with deep gratitude for any opportunity to connect. Some will gather with their "pods" or inner circles this Holiday Season, building novel traditions along the way, and many of us will fly solo or with our immediate person, relishing a sense of calm during an otherwise stressful time. Regardless, there will be wine!

For however you're gathering, we've got you covered. Half bottle three-packs for the modest groups, to large-format bubbles for the extended crews. And of course, all that's in-between to pair with your holiday fare. We're so grateful for you, and wish you a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

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Martin Texier, Petite Nature

We begin this month in the Northern Rhône Valley, France. Martin Texier was destined to follow in his father's footsteps. After leaving university, Martin got involved in music, and found himself living in NYC as a DJ. While there, he got involved in the wine trade business as well, and felt a calling to go back home to the Rhône and his father Eric's vineyards in 2014. Martin now owns 5 hectares of his own, all planted with classic Rhône varietals, both red and white. He has a passion for reviving local, natural winemaking traditions, and is already achieving amazing results. A young talent with a whole lifetime of amazing wine projects ahead.

Why We Love It

Petite Nature is a sparkling blend of Muscat, Chasselas Rose and other white field grapes. It's soft and plush with notes of pear, white flowers, green herbs and a hint of earth. Sophisticated, unique and absolutely gorgeous.

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Javi Revert, Micalet

Our next stop is Valencia, Spain, on the Mediterranean coast. Javi Revert is a young and enthusiastic winemaker who's taking things back to basics, reviving indigenous varietals and aging in clay amphorae. He's been accumulating small vineyards around his village since 2014, all planted with native grapes that he lets take center stage. Micalet is named after the first of these vineyards, which his great-grandfather planted back in 1948!

Why We Love It

Micalet is a blend of 5 native grapes, Malvasía, Merseguera, Tortosí, Trepadell and Verdil. Don't worry about memorizing all of that, just know that you'll have a bottle full of aromas of white fruit, fennel and Mediterranean herbs. Bright, fresh and singular.

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Gentle Folk, Basket Range Merlot

Our last stop this month is in Adelaide Hills, Australia. Gareth Belton started Gentle Folk in 2013 with not much more than a little land and a rusty old shed. What he produces now are gorgeous and unique wines with as little intervention as possible. Gareth has a gentle flexibility in his approach, using techniques that feel right for the grapes and the season and, most importantly, with maximum drinkability and enjoyment in mind.

Why We Love It

We love Merlot! A grape that undeservedly fell out of fashion because they talked smack about it in the movie Sideways, Merlot is juicy, robust and versatile. Gentle Folk's is from a single vineyard, beautifully energetic and balanced.

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Alicante Wine Label

Do the earth a favor, don't hide your magic. - y.p.

Thanks for reading and until next time, Cheers!

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