Helen was my grandmother. She was a cool woman, ahead of her time I like to say. 

I opened Helen’s Bottle Shop in 2019 with the intention of creating an approachable and engaging space for people to come together around natural wine. My personal approach to wine is one of curiosity, intrigue and a desire to share with others. It’s my belief that a good bottle of wine can inspire us to create rituals around food, gathering and simply enjoying our time. 

Natural wine is not a fad. Rather, it’s the original way of making wine. It’s simple, and also full of stories. About the land. About farmers and families. About the constant fragile balance between nature and nurture. It takes tremendous skill to bend with whatever mother nature throws at you and bring a fruited body to an enjoyable fermented form.

Both Helen’s and I are here to be a bit different, a bit unexpected and ever-changing. We invite you to come spend some time with us and try something new. We would love nothing more than to share a story or a glass, and match you to an unexpected bottle.